Spas De Puyehue

 A complicated thing of the poverty is to have to request a benefit for her.

Not even to request it free but that single to ask for a reduction. In fact the one is not a privilege that is granted, but that a right that mainly has the children of being able to know and to savor something created by God and administered by the people.

To pay in the morning after having to give all type of reasons or explanations subsequent to to obtain to a reduction in the use of the outer swimming pool and it, to find out to us that to go to eat for lunch podia not to return itself (teniamos that to pay again).

It is the moment into which the national industralist transforms the commentary “the poverty is responsibility of all” in a fact and not in a televising speech of his own authorities. A speech of the teeth for outside. We appreciate the granted attention, and we hoped that in the opportunity of the other year one takes place again and they do not turn to us the enemy who recla and that single must agraceder

The children of the poorest schools not only must study, but that also to know and to cross the bridge from the extreme poverty towards the wealth. To know the dimensions in which those participate that its culture says to them that they are bad and to discover among them that they pass “piolas”, serves to realize to them of which they are similar to them.

And it is but, when knowing his histories and discovering that many of them are looked like which they live. They learn to emulate and not only to envy. And the commercial effect is evident, since the true wealth (those that pays without watching the price) sees with good eyes that the company which they visit is beneficient of poorest.

In an activity of these, the sostenedor one pays the trips, extra foods, emergencies that take place, JUNAEB the feeding, Educational that work hours that do not receive, manipulator who donates time and personal effort, conductive that leads gaining he himself daily value and extra hours. Administrative personnel of the provincial department of education that worries you transact them for the permission that is required, a Provincial Female leader who dedicates personal time to observe that the transaction is without problems. The company not necessarily must gratuitously grant since it must pay personal, mantencion and other costs.

I create if, which it must have policies you specify of work, like for example: to define the days, the cost with sensible discounts (the lost ones considered, compensated by the greater one I number of clients) (a school is a good sale, they are fed up people), to grant that they do not pay when returning to have lunch), that contemplates in the access to the swimming pool some adults with reduction, (the proxies also they have problems of entrance like the children and daughters).

We are thankful of all heart to all those that helped to this activity “the class us in the Mountain”. To all.



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